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We use a variety of shampoos including medicated shampoos at no extra charge. Hot oil treatments are available for an additional $5. Your groomer will bring to your attention anything unusual that you may want to go over with your veterinarian.

Bath Only
All baths include: cutting nails, cleaning and/or plucking of ears, cologne, bandana, and bows (we also paint nails upon request)

Bath Prices (Hot oil treatment is $5 extra)
Bath prices are for short to medium coats. Double and triple coats are slightly higher

Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
$37+ $45+ $55+

Bath and Touch-Up
Bath and trim includes everything listed for baths plus a sanitary trim, shaving hair under pads and trimming feet and face.

All grooms include everything that is done with a bath plus cut your pet's hair to your specifications.

Grooming Prices
All vary depending on the breed and what your having done please call for pricing.

Self Service
We supply everything...shampoo, conditioner, towels, dryers. You just bring your pet and leave the mess! We will trim nails, express anal glands, brush teeth trim hair for an extra charge.

Self Service Prices

Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
$15.99 $19.99+ $24.99


Nail Trims $15.00
Nail Trims with File $20.00
Teeth Brushing $10.00
Anal Express $15.00

Hair Dying
Call for pricing

Discounted Grooming Rates Available
All prices are based on the specific breed of dog. Those prices will vary if the dog is without mats or tangles. If your pet is matted, an additional charge will be applied. You will also be asked to sign a mat release form.  We also now offer STUDENT GROOMING.  Student grooming prices are 40% off professional pet grooming prices.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Location & Directions

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We've moved into our Brand New Location.  We couldn't be more excited about having our very own building with lots of room to grow.  In a time where many businesses are struggling to survive, our customers have been amazing in supporting us and helping us grow every year for the past 10 years.  This new location is a tribute to you and your furry family member!

New Location Features:

  • Private Grooming Rooms
  • Dedicated Classroom Space for Grooming Students
  • Central Location in Downtown Matawan
  • Room to Grow over the next 10 Years
  • Cute Retail Boutique Area with Pet Supplies
  • And the list goes on ...
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